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"Once upon a time" is the beginning of many of our childhood favorite stories. Though we know there aren't many talking gingerbread men making their escape or damsels dropping their long hair out of towers, we all have a story to tell. My personal favorite stories are always the love stories, and I take my job of telling those stories to heart. Your love story is one you start sharing when someone asks you who your significant other is and you start with a soft smile. 

One day you'll hear: "how long have you two been married?" And you'll smile and look up at the framed photo on your wall and begin retelling your story again of some of your favorite memories that make up your love story. 

My job as a photographer is just a moment in your love story, but I'm here to capture these moments for you to love, share and smile about for years and story times to come. 


here to start your story!

I'm Danielle!

And this is my story.

Wedding photography is my favorite. No, really! Getting to meet people in love, being in the middle of celebration, and making people feel and look GREAT is what makes my heart full! 

Even more than that, wedding photography has intertwined itself within my story both as a recent bride myself, and because of what photography means to me. With a family history of Alzheimer's disease and some neurons that never fully recovered after some (yes, some) concussions, I know first hand that photos can help trigger our senses to trigger our memories. They help us tell stories and keep telling them long after we can't tell them any more. That is what drives me. 

It's the life that is in the little moments (giggling over extravagant milkshakes from Wawa) to the big moments (when we said our vows with our toes in the sand).  The photos that we surround ourselves with because they narrate our lives together are the proof that our love story has been built over time. 

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He's the one

that keeps me laughing.

Our wedding day did NOT go as planned. We had to re-plan everything except my husband's tux 8 weeks before our wedding. And on our wedding day, we ad-libbed in our vows a bit to talk about the craziness of all the sandflies in our faces, and the fact that we had to run to HEB after an 8 hour road trip to get flowers because we left my bouquet at home. It was the most perfectly imperfect day in the best of ways. 

My husband (still makes me smile to say that!) found all of the ways to make me smile and laugh through all of the crazy, and that's what makes him the best behind the scenes partner of all. Brendan is the best supporter and cheerleader of my dreams as we continue to write our own love story. 

There is no one else I'd rather go through life with than him! 

meet our family

Our kids have paws!

Meet Audrey, Dragon and Dink.

During the week, I spend a lot of time cleaning fur off of my scrubs as an office manager and tech at a small veterinary clinic. That's how we met two of our three fur babies. 

Audrey, our little diva queen, road tripped with us from Pennsylvania when Brendan first moved to Texas. She is a SASSY grey cat but loves being combed while she snacks. 

Dragon came to us as a rescue that was brought into the clinic where I work. He immediately snuggled up against my chest and came home with me the next day. He's rambunctious and loves redecorating the whole living room, especially when he gets a new fluffy toy and he loves a good naptime with all the snuggles! 

Dink (short for "Humperdinck") is our newest addition and is the absolute cuddliest cat I have ever met in my entire life. His favorite thing in the world is making friends and wrestling his doggo big brother.

my Personal faves

These are a few

of my favorite things.

At our house, family cuddle time usually involves reruns of FRIENDS, watching a good Marvel movie or being inspired by some of Gordon Ramsay's shows (Uncharted  and Next Level are our current favorites!). 

I love red lipstick, dancing in kitchen, and watching Audrey Hepburn movies. 

My go to coffee bounces between a straight black and a yummy Pumpkin Cold Brew from Starbies with EXTRA foam.

I love a good chat over a hot cup of tea and sharing life with people. And yes, I will help your guests remember the steps to The Wobble (gotta show of my Philly moves!). 

Most of all, I'd love to meet you!

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EnchanTing & Magical

Tim & Malia

"Tim and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you've done for our wedding photography! We love your work and it was a fun and special experience to have you take our engagement and wedding photos. I am absolutely blown away with them!! They're beautiful, enchanting, and magical beyond belief. Thank you for capturing every part of our wedding day. It's something we will remember and cherish forever." 

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amazingly comfortable

Tom & Rose

"I cannot speak highly enough about Danielle. She was the perfect photographer for us. My wife and I are rather photo adverse, but she made us both feel amazingly comfortable. She was able to do this both at engagement photo shoot and at the wedding itself. We had complete trust in Danielle and it was really nice to know that we didn’t need to worry about the photos during the wedding.
We could not be more pleased with the photos she took. Each one captured our wedding perfectly. "

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Professional, Fun & Caring

Jessica & Jason

"We absolutely loved doing our engagement photos with Danni! The photos are beautiful and the experience was fun and easy. We laughed and smiled the whole time. Danni was accommodating, meeting us in Fort Worth, and continued to provide excellent customer service, providing us with many shots, and even checking in on us when the pandemic hit right around our wedding. Would definitely recommend her!"

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Flawless & Flexible

Kally & Jake

"I changed my mind about 100 times leading up to the big day, but she stayed extremely flexible with me and made any changes I requested. She was easy to work with and when I explained what I wanted, she brought our vision to life with no problem."

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Proposal Pro

Doug & Eileen

"Danielle is great! She agreed, on short notice, to photograph our wedding proposal on Christmas Eve! The pictures were great, and she was so helpful in making sure the proposal went smoothly by keeping the public away from us while I hit the knee. She is so easy to work with and I highly recommend her!"

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True to Us

Bekah & Phil

"Danielle did an AMAZING job capturing who we are in our engagement photos! She was easy to work with and gave great results that we'll cherish for a lifetime. All I can say is thanks Danielle!"

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absolutely essential

AJ & Jess

"I could never say thank you enough, or give higher praise to Danni. She was absolutely essential on the day that I proposed to my girlfriend, and I couldn't be more thankful. Her photography is excellent and skillfully done, and her manner is always professional. Thank you!" 

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I believe in the

You know you want great images and even better memories!


Hiring wedding vendors can be overwhelming. You can’t re-do your wedding day! So, is it possible to be able to enjoy your wedding day, knowing for certain that you are going to love your images when all is said and done? Well, after years of photographing beautiful weddings for amazing Danni Lea Couples, I can tell you that the answer to that question is “Yes.” You can know for sure that you’re in good hands... but it requires more than just booking a vendor. Keep reading to find out what how!

From making you laugh, to listening to your story it's all part of helping you tell your story from the day of your wedding and beyond. And to get natural, genuine portraits that capture who you are, you have to feel comfortable with the person photographing them. So I promise to make it as fun and relaxing experience as I can!

The next page will go over some of our starting prices and package options, and if you'd like more information I would be delighted to send over our investment guide!

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delivering the


invest in YOUR moment

Luxury investment Starts at $3050

8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Complimentary Engagement Session
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Engagement Session

Engagement sessions come complimentary with most of our packages, but if you just want a couples sesh that's an option too!

Budget investment Starts at $1450

Needing just the basics?
4 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Complimentary Engagement Session

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