Dallas Arboretum Proposal

The perfect spot and the perfect moment: a Dallas Arboretum Proposal! Even with crowds, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens offer a few hidden spots that make for the perfect proposal.

A man's cowboy boots stand on a hill surrounded by a circle of rose petals during his Dallas Arboretum Proposal.

I was first introduced to Luke and Sydney through one of their friends who was helping Luke plan the perfect proposal to his girlfriend. After deciding on the Arboretum, we had to choose a spot!

So Luke and I met up on one of the coldest days of the week before the proposal to run through the quiet Arboretum. He chose one of my personal favorite spots: The Magnolia Glade!

The day of the proposal, we met at the Arboretum an hour before Sydney was to arrive. It was one of the longest hours ever, accompanied by ever growing nerves and excitement. Compounded by the excitement of several Arboretum guests who stayed to watch and cheer on Luke.

The Dallas Arboretum Proposal

Then Sydney arrived! And she was handed a note to come find Luke who was patiently waiting for her in a circle of rose petals.

The final countdown to the big moment! And it was an absolutely perfect moment!

She said yes! And celebrated with hugs, tears, and champagne with some of the friends that made it happen.

Celebrating a Dallas Arboretum Proposal with champagne!

Then we headed on out for a tour of the Arboretum for some freshly engaged photos, laughs and fun! And, of course, to stall for some time before they headed out to their engagement party.

Low key, I’m super impressed with how many loved ones Luke brought in on his plan and still managed to keep it a secret from Sydney so that she was totally surprised!

Congrats Luke and Sydney!!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and to Luke and Sydney for inviting me to be a part of telling their proposal story!

Check it out!

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