A Summer Engagement Session In Downtown Dallas

Meet Michael and Megan, two newly engaged lovebirds from Dallas, Texas. To celebrate their upcoming wedding at the Nasher Sculpture Center next year, they decided to take an adventure for their summer engagement session in downtown Dallas.

We spent the evening exploring Klyde Warren Park, the Winspear Opera House and other downtown scenes that showcased their fun-loving personalities from their outfits to just goofing off together.

Michael and Megan’s Engagement Adventure in Downtown Dallas

Michael and Megan wanted to create a fun yet romantic feel for their engagement photos. At the same time, we highlighted some of the more urban elements of downtown Dallas.

With this in mind, we took off on a journey around the city starting at Klyde Warren Park. Then they faced off in an arm wrestling match just for kicks and giggles!

Their outfits were perfectly tailored for their engagement shoot — with bright colors that helped bring out their personalities against the backdrop of concrete streets and towering buildings.

The streets of Dallas provided plenty of opportunities for them to show off some PDA posing around downtown’s iconic spots! Casting their reflection by Winspear Opera House, it was the perfect moment to reflect on starting their lives together.

We got creative with a few poses as we ducked into a courtyard to escape from the wind. And there was no shortage of laughter as Megan and Michael showed off how much fun they have together!

All in all, it was an incredible day filled with fun moments captured through photography. I’m so excited for Megan and Michael’s upcoming wedding at Nasher Sculpture Center next year!

This little glimpse into what went down during their summer engagement session in downtown Dallas was truly something special! Congratulations Megan and Michael! See y’all in April!

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