Paint With Love: An Engagement Session

If you’re looking for a creative and fun idea for your engagement session: a paint war is a great way to incorporate your future wedding colors! And have a bit of fun, of course.

She was my college roommate, he was a close friend and coworker in Residence Life.

Even before they were engaged, I would to joke with Bekah and Phil that I would live in their above-garage apartment after they got married. Since we’ve all since moved to Texas, so it could still happen!

So when Phil got on one knee to ask Bekah to marry him, I squealed with excitement!

I loved getting to spend some quality time laughing and capturing this new chapter of their lives on film.

Though it bloomed into an indescribably beautiful love story, the beginning befit who they are individually and as a couple.

Between hearing it told and retelling it myself, I’ve come to know the story quite well.

Their Story

I bring you back to Cairn University, Freshman Orientation circa 2012.

Phil was assisting in an event fondly referred to as “Augustivus.”

Also known as: Throwing brand new freshman into a series of competitive games to kick start their college careers.

Bekah was one of said freshmen.

Pre-gaming the hype, Phil was throwing a frisbee into the crowd. Bekah, standing amidst a group of girls, became the recipient of the toss.

But to put it the way Bekah does, it wasn’t just any toss. Phil drew closer, but only to gently toss it to the girls.

Bekah, being the lovely champion of women she is, was “slightly” offended by this, taking the chance to not-so-gently fling the frisbee back at Phil. Narrowly missing knocking his head off by a lucky duck on Phil’s part.

Of course there is plenty to their story that follows, and I have the immense privilege of watching it all play out as a roommate and friend.

It wouldn’t be Bekah and Phil without an addition of some pretty adorable and hilarious fun thrown in!

Including some of Bekah’s thoughts about “Everything Men know about Women”…

Which we all know really isn’t much…

Paint War

Post paint session pinky promise ring shot

And per their individual and collective creative sides: an all out paint war at sunset to top it off!

The first shot of which was a headshot…

The great friendship they built over the years led to enjoyment of each other’s company, putting their inner-child on full color display.

But it was loads of fun carrying into the sunset sharing laughs with these two goofballs who I absolutely adore.

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