Perfect Proposal in Peddler’s Village

Prepare yourself for the cutest Christmas Peddler’s Village proposal!

Nate and I met my Junior year of college working on the same RA team.

Despite our mutual sassiness, we became close friends and I consider him one of my closest friends.

So when he told me he liked a girl, I was immediately skeptical.

Soon after meeting Lydia though, I knew that they were truly made for each other in the best kind of way.

It wasn’t long before I unofficially became their personal relationship photographer (for the few photos they actually have together).

It was quite obvious that they would end up together forever.

Back in June, Nate and I worked to help AJ plan his proposal to his (now) fiancee. During a proposal-spot-scouting walk in Valley Forge Park, we started discussing Nate’s future proposal to Lydia.

A few weeks later, Lydia and Nate helped put AJ’s proposal into action.

Read all about AJ’s proposal to Jess here!

Nate was on set up, while Lydia had the immense task of keeping Jess completely in the dark and distracted until the big moment. Which she executed quite perfectly, read and laugh all about it in Jess and AJ’s blog post!

Lydia had no idea that in just a few short months she’d be the one putting a ring on her finger!

The Proposal

It was a gathering of friends as we eagerly awaited Lydia’s (totally planned) arrival to Peddler’s Village after someone “spontaneously” (completely planned) suggested they go out for Saxby’s coffee post cookie baking (let’s just say everything Lydia thought was spontaneous had been planned for awhile).

Finally, after many attempts from good friends to get Lydia to look down the hill, Nate and Lydia made eye contact.

Lydia started down the hill (and Jess had to run after her to grab her coffee)!

After a long bit of disbelief that the whole evening hadn’t been spontaneous as she thought, Lydia said yes!

And appropriately geeked out over the fabulous (handmade!) ring box thanks to AJ!

Happy Engagement Nate & Lydia!

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