Best Ending to a Love Song

I was introduced to Chris when I was a camper and he was an intern at my church.

Chris gave me a call one afternoon asking if I’d be willing to take pictures for his proposal to Becky. I was beyond excited and jumped at the chance!

Being a part of the worship band at church during his time as a summer intern for our church’s Children’s Ministry, set up for the perfect proposal.

It was only fitting that he would use his gifts to open to this new chapter of their love story.

After picking Becky up, Chris arrived and then jogged up to the gazebo area where a guitar awaited him.

As Becky began to make her way up to the gazebo from the car, Chris began singing. It was a beautiful love song he’d written for his future bride.

Voice shaking with excitement, Chris sang his heart out to Becky!

Though I’ll leave the sweet (and seriously tear-jerking) love song lyrics to remain between the two of them. My favorite part was how he ended song in a cappella with the last lyric as the proposal itself!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your big moment! I wish you both the best in your ministry, music and future together!

P.S. Chris did a great job picking out the perfect ring for his bride on Etsy! She was absolutely thrilled and it fit her so well!

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