City Love on a Philly Backdrop

I loved working with Kristi and Jason for their engagement session, and being a part of their Philly wedding!

After meeting in Philadelphia, it was only fitting that their wedding were centered right in the heart of Philly.

The Study at University City is a beautiful new addition to the Philadelphia wedding circut.

It is such an incredible location and beautiful backdrop for the joining of these two sweet lovebirds.

Gorgeous skyline views, beautiful rooms, and nearby great photo locations like UPenn’s campus truly make this venue great!

This awesome venue was a great addition to this sweet couple’s Philly adventure continued from their engagement session to their wedding day!

Sweet family memories and giggles shared in the getting ready suite made for a beautiful beginning to the day.

A hunt to find Jason for first-look photos and finding secret places for a few portraits pre-ceremony made a sweet beginning to their late afternoon wedding.

Jason and Kristi truly turned a gorgeous Philly locale into a beautiful wedding space!

And it’s all about the unique details!

For instance, Jason and Kristi have a unique tradition of rescuing lone dinosaurs from retail shops, and they included their little friends in their reception space!

Just like these two dapper ceramic T-Rexs who were alone in stores a year apart!

In other words, just like their long distance mom and dad, they’re together as a couple at last!

It was a fabulous night! And all the best in love to Jason and Kristi!

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