Wedding Planning 101: The Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner. Wedding Binder. Organization. Love it. And am semi-terrible at it (but I’m a work in progress).

I’ll tell you a bit about my brain: first of all, I’m an Enneagram 2w3, a smattering of ADHD and a handful of memory issues due to multiple concussions.

So to have a physical planner for our wedding is something I put at the top of my list before Brendan proposed.

I want to share with you all the fun wedding planning resources I found, and how I started.

Though, spoiler alert, my favorite investment so far has been my Erin Condren Wedding Planner – but more on that later.

Tier 1: Dream List

In typical Danni fashion, I started planning before we were engaged. Being a wedding photographer, I’ve basically been making my lists of vendors I’ve loved since we started thinking we’d be getting married.

Both in the “This is what I LOVE and want to have at my wedding!!” and the “I definitely don’t want this…”.

While I HIGHLY recommend using one of the absolutely lovely and amazing wedding planners in DFW, doing a majority of the planning myself is something I really want for my wedding.

So I started with several lists.

With everything from bridal salons and venues, to Photographers and DJs, I listed out different price points for each.

This project is helpful for making a list of ideal and dream vendors on paper, with the added bonus of beginning to form budget plans.

Tier 2: Free Wedding Planner Templates

From my lists, I wanted a more organized set-up (and cutely designed) way to plug my lists into. So my next step was to invest in finding a planner template I loved.

There are many, many free templates for wedding printable templates available across the internet. Most of which you can pick and choose which pages to include so you can customize your binder.

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Botanical Paperworks

Has a beautiful printable wedding planning binder that you can choose printable features AND choose between three colors for your binder!  

Junebug Weddings

Has a great wedding planning checklist to check out that starts from 1 Year and counts down until post-wedding To-do's! 

Martha Stewart’s Wedding Workbook

This is an awesome, free resource with a great organizational sheet for tracking invitation statuses for your guests! There are also a lot of other great checklists and workbook pages to help you organize your thoughts! 

Tier 3: Purchasable Templates

Here are some of the helpful resources I found while perusing the internet for organizational templates.

Wedinspire’s Ultimate Printable Wedding Planner & Binder Checklist

This includes over 90 pages of timelines, organizers, and checklists for just $11! There is also a little link at the bottom of the page to get 14 pages free if you want to check it out for yourself! 

PrettyPinkPlanner’s Wedding Printable Planner Kit

Has a lot of great resources for dreaming and planning. This is one that I personally purchased off of Etsy and LOVED that it has so many great comparison charts to us to narrow down vendors! 

Personal Favorite: Erin Condren’s Wedding Planner

My favorite planners are by Erin Condren, who also happens to make my absolute favorite wedding planner of all time.

From the customizable cover, to the inclusion of memory pages, your planner becomes a wedding keepsake.

Customized Erin Condren Wedding Planner

Most of all, I love that there is plenty of room for me to brainstorm, washi tape business cards, and keep everything organized.

I love that this planner is everything I needed, and more! I’m excited at the thought that, someday, I can pull this back out and show my future kids how we planned our wedding.

What can I say? I’m totally sappy! 1000000/10 recommend!!

Erin Condren Wedding Planner

Stay tuned next week for our PROPOSAL STORY (finally)!

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