Wedding Planning 101: We’re All in This Together!

Hello friends! So, exciting news: I’m engaged and starting my own wedding planning journey!

If this is the first time we’re meeting – Hi! I’m Danielle, full-time dreamer, part-time wedding photographer (though I’m hoping to make it to full-time soon!).

Engagement ring at Dallas Arboretum as we start our wedding planning with dates

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had a chance to peer into the wedding industry since early 2014. Though, I suppose, now I get to experience it as a bride!

I have loved all my time as a wedding photographer, but I’m even more excited for this new chapter and being able to bring my growing experiences from planning my own wedding to my business!

I want to share with you in the ups and downs, joys and stresses, and truly annoying discussions and debates over color schemes and cake flavors. Yes, these really have been debates as my wonderful, loving fiancé and I have VERY different plans for our wedding.

(He says: “Not very different, just some spice added to yours.” We’ll discuss what “spice” means in a later post – this is a word he uses quite frequently, and I discover daily its new meanings.)

Most of all, through sharing my experience, it is my hope that I can spread some laughter and joy. But also let you know that you are not alone!

This whole wedding planning process is something I eagerly anticipate and, just as equally, dread.

So – join me! Hold my hand. Send virtual hugs.

Stay tuned every “Wedding Wednesday” for an update or adventure related to wedding planning!

Also, please feel free to email me with what you would love to see content wise, advice for upcoming brides, or just to share in joys and commiseration:

I want to hear from YOU! Not just as a wedding-related business owner, but as a fellow bride and human.

We’re all in this together!

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