A Barn, a Bridge and a Handfasting Ceremony

Beautiful and quirky details are my favorite pieces of weddings. Handfasting ceremonies, fun colors that relate to your story and awesome officiants are pieces that make weddings awesome!

Every detail of their wedding, Tom and Rose carefully planned and made uniquely their own!

After we had such a great time getting to know one another at their engagement shoot in Valley Forge, I could hardly wait to come back for Tom and Rose’s wedding!

Handfasting Ceremony

As part of their ceremony they did a Handfasting Ceremony.

A Handfasting ceremony is a traditional custom with ties to ancient Celtic traditions. This is representing a couples unity, as a braid wraps their hands together while the officiant reads their vows.

The braid is then removed from the hands in a circle which is representing of eternity.

The detail that went into this piece of the ceremony was beautiful.

This hand braided ribbon was meticulously measured, representing the number of days they have been together as a couple.

*Queue all of the adorable swooning*

I loved the uniqueness of their ceremony.

Unplugged Wedding Win

Their kind officiant not only read through the ceremony with me, but also did something I have never seen before as a wedding photographer and my inner wedding photog LOVED.

At the beginning of the ceremony, he gave attendees the chance at the beginning of the ceremony to take a picture of Tom and Rose at the altar.

Then he asked them to put their phones away and enjoy! Telling guests that I would handle all the photography so no one’s screens disrupted their wedding photos.

Any guest that wanted a cute shot for their social media could get it out of their system and then get to enjoy the ceremony!

Unplugged Wedding for the win!

It’s Party Time!

Post (beautiful) ceremony, Tom and Rose got the chance to relax with their bridal party.

We got to take a few pictures and they got to share a practice first dance.

One of the sweetest moments was the sharing of this “Hey Babe, we’re married!” look…

All in all, it was quite the wedding to write about!

I LOVED getting to know Tom and Rose and their families and friends.

I wish them all the best in love and happiness as they take on the adventure of marriage!

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